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Lawyer / Advocate for Civil Matters

Civil litigation is a vast field involving cases pertaining to different Laws & Acts. Civil litigation is a procedure where civil issues get settled in any official courtroom in India. Civil law include a mixture of fields like, family laws, commercial laws, business laws, probate laws, intellectual property laws, Trade mark laws etc.. For these situation identical to civil litigation, the petition should be filed by a competent advocate for Civil Matters.

If you are dealing with some kind of a civil dispute where you and the other person involved can't come to an amicable agreement, one or both of you may decide to fight the issues in a Civil Court. In such cases related to civil litigation, the petition need to be filed by civil lawyer in a Civil Court.

Why pick us?

You can expect the resolution of a Civil dispute from Dubey & Associates Law Firm to entire your satisfaction. The Firm sincerely represents their clients in court or before government agencies and do what they can to obtain the best possible outcome for their client.

Dubey and Associates is a well-established and reputed Law Firm. All our Lawyers work toward our common goal and objective i.e. rendering quality service to our all clients. All our lawyers have the freedom to put across their thoughts and ideas and participate in every big and small event of the firm.

How Dubey & Associates Law Firm Helps?

Dubey & Associates Law Firm has a team of very experienced lawyer for civil matters who have understanding of numerous years in such issues. They can deal with these issues pretty effectively and that is possible because of the help from our group of lawyer for civil matters and their commitment and dedication towards their work. Our legal team read, reviews actualities and conditions of each case, reveal all of the potential outcomes to the clients, and thereafter they begin the further procedure.

Our Team of Civil Lawyers possesses the expertise for filing and defending Civil Suits pertaining to the following:

  • Property related disputes
  • Cheque bouncing matters
  • Drafting and Registration of Wills
  • Matrimonial disputes
  • Enforcement and breach of contract matters
  • Civil defamation suits
  • Land Acquisition Litigation
  • Appeal and Revision
  • Civil Appeals before Hon'ble High Court
  • Writ Petition under Article 226 before the Hon'ble High Court
  • SLP's, Writ Petition under Article 32 before the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India

If you have been sued, it is important to speak our lawyer promptly in order to respond to the lawsuit within the appropriate time frame. Dubey & Associates Law Firm have confidence in giving quality advice which may meet the desired goal for our clients.