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GST is a comprehensive indirect tax on supply and consumption of goods and services and has replaced several taxes levied by the central and state governments. It is levied at all stages right from manufacture upto the final consumption with facility of input tax credit. If you are engaged in any type of commercial business, you need a GST lawyer to get view on GST and its liability to your business

GST Consultant

A GST lawyer will almost certainly guide you on how GST is applicable on your business and the legalities about non-compliance to GST. Dubey & Associates Law Firm is an ISO Certified Law firm and duly registered for its Indian and International standards to help the clients and resolve all the queries and problems regarding the compliance of GST, registration, filing of returns, assessment proceedings and filing and arguing of all types of appeals wherever is required.

As a GST Consultant, the Firm specialize in tax laws, planning and their compliance. They serve corporate organizations, firms and individuals alike by remaining current on the recent changes in tax law and positioning taxpayers for short and long term tax optimization. The Firm makes all arrangements regarding the filing of GST return, availing of input tax credit, assessment proceedings, appeals before the 1st Appellate authority and GST Tribunal, Hon’ble High Courts and Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. The firm also arrange and assist the proceedings before the State and Central enforcement agencies.

Why to choose Dubey & Associates?

The answer to this question is very self-evident. The first target behind hiring a GST Consultant is to unwind the complexity related with filing GST returns and other related tasks. Some of the key roles which Dubey & Associates Law Firm are providing to his clients are as under:

  • The application for GST registration
  • Execute changes or provide for cancellation of any registration
  • Timely filing GST returns-month to month, quarterly, yearly or final
  • Filing of reply in response to notices regarding any provisional assessment and penalty issued by the GST Authorities
  • Filing of appeal before the 1st Appellate Authority and before the Appellate Tribunal
  • To arrange and assist the proceedings before the State and Central enforcement agencies
  • One-stop avenue for all GST-related questions in India
  • To ensure the refund and other facilities provided to exporters
  • Maintaining tax related activities in an expert manner
  • Understanding different parts of GST that may happen in future

Dubey & Associates Law Firm is here to help individuals and clients who are searching for any sort of legal advice in the compliance of SGST/CGST or IGST. They have carefully chosen some of the finest GST lawyers across India, to help you get the right judgment on GST applicability and to get relief from GST obedience issues. The goal of lawyer for GST in is to give quality services to meet your lawful needs in more affordable and simple way.

How can we help you?

We are always ready to help the clients in different compliances under the law and rules made there under. The GST execution accompanied several challenges and confusions in practically all the business organizations the best help for the equivalent can be given by the Dubey & Associates Law Firm

Dubey & Associates Law Firm empower you to file your returns on time so as to stay away from any kind of penalties and furthermore manage the tax collection activities in an expert manner. Their GST Practitioner likewise help you to resolve any queries in such manner and furthermore make you understand any GST related changes that are probably going to happen sooner in near future.